System Design

COFI Srl – Anti-shock and Tailor-made Technological Solutions

COFI s.r.l. technical staff has 35 years of experience fitting Italian and foreign Navy units; it is specialized in design, manufacturing, supply and installation of fluid transfer components for on board plants. Main products: anti-shock rubber expansion joints, flexible hoses, dog leg, fabric and metallic expansion joints, seal systems and special equipments. The whole product range is certified and meets the highest safety and quality standard for Navy applications.

COFI s.r.l. offers tailor-made technological solutions and engineering problem solving service, with high reliability and quick timing; it guarantee fully available after sales assistance, also thanks to its management software (dbflex®).



COFI s.r.l. Background

20 years activity in industry, navy and marine sectors. Giancarlo Dughera, founder and managing director, has great experience in the field: formerly technical manager at REMA in Genoa, supplying and installing on Maestrale and Minerva class frigates for the Italian Navy, Lupo class frigates for the Bolivarian Navy of Venezuela and the Peruvian Navy, Al Assad class corvettes for the Ecuadorian Navy and the Libyan Navy, Cavour aircraft carrier and Lerici class mine-hunters for the Italian Navy. Substantial orders in the industrial field too: Italsider / Ilva, Thyssenkrupp and Italimpianti abroad plants.

Giancarlo Dughera founded COFI Srl in 1992 and acquired REMA trademark in 2003, improving activity in the navy field: Durand de la Penne class destroyers, Destriero yacht, Gaeta and Katampaa class mine-hunters, Horizon and T45 class destroyers, Comandanti class patrolboats, Cavour aircraft carrier, U212 class submarines and FREMM class frigates.


Coflex®D: The New Anti-shock Rubber Expansion Joint



This new generation of Rubber Expansion Joints represents a real technological innovation in the anti-shock field. Its main function is to preserve machinery from shock due to explosions, especially underwater mine explosion. Other features: vibration absorption and noise insulation, thermal mismatching compensation. Onboard plant applications: power, conditioning, refrigeration, and other vital plants. 

Born to meet the more and more restrictive safety standards of the Italian Navy units. COFI Srl designed and realized the shock test machine to evaluate the new joint performances, never achieved before: over 150g of shock acceleration and over 110mm of lateral offset. This expansion joint is fire resistant for over 30 minutes at 800°C (tested by RINA), according to MED directive, thanks to the protection of our fiberglass flame protection cover, type Coflex®CF1.

Working Conditions:

  • all fluid types
  • min temperature -10°C, max +90°C (up to +120°C)
  • nominal pressure 16 bar

Standard size from DN40 to DN250 (mm of nominal diameter), but tailor-made solutions are available. This compact device (150mm length) allows to achieve high safety standards for machinery with an extremely light and space saving solution, like no other item on the market. Because of its high anti-shock standards and quality, Coflex®D is especially indicated for submarines, mine-hunters and mine-layers, but it is usually applied on all type of vessels.


Dog Leg, Flexible Hoses, Fabric and Metallic Expansion Joints

COFI Srl supply warships with a wide range of anti-shock items:

All these product are fire resistant according to MED, thanks to COFI flame protection covers.


Special Seal Systems

COFI Srl is specialized in design and manufacturing of special seal systems, like the Elevator Gasket of Cavour aircraft carrier (Italian Navy)

and shaft Telescopic Bulkhead Passage of SAR class coast guard boats (Turkish Navy).

Tailor-made technological solutions

COFI Srl realizes custom-made technological solutions for vessels, like the Unlocking Device for Safe Life System on U212 class submarines, composed by the sphere fastening belt, dumpers, couplings and unlocking mechanism,

 and also the Hauling and Launching Fast System for Saettia Mk4 class patrol boats (Iraqi Navy). 



COFI s.r.l. design and supply a range of fast-, under way- and easy handling-refuelling products, for example:

  • Coflex-Probe®, hose assembly for probe-receiver, for the under way refuelling of surface warships (Cavour aircraft carrier, Andrea Doria destroyer, FREMM frigates, etc.)


  • Roller Flex®, anti-slip device for easy handling of JP5 refuelling hoses on warship fly-decks and in airports


dbflex® managing software

COFI Srl programs dbflex®, a Multi-platform Management Software: it contains data, documents and certificates of item on the ship; for the easy management, maintenance and deadline of items on board plants. It is applied successfully to monitoring all the installed items on the Italian Navy units and supporting onboard maintenance.


Coflex® REM – Remote Control Valve

Flexible mechanical transmission with torque rotating shaft, for manual remote control valve, have been designed and manufactured to meet the strictest functional requirements. Composed of axial movement cable, contained in flexible casing, for the transmission of the steering rotation to the indicator with noncorrosive and self extinguishing materials. Supplies: Italian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Thai Navy, Costa Crociere, Destriero, NATO research ships.