Cofi Tailor-Made is a new program to resolve customers’ problem; we create and produce the “customized” solution for you.

An important possibility to define in the minimum details the requirements of the customer.  We research the solution looking for materials, technical characteristics, treatments, choice of accessories to define the result by process of research and systems design. We also propose new ideas or new materials which will be subject to careful analysis.

Tailor Made is aimed to a limited number of customers. Each of these will be assisted by a team of experts, guided and followed by "Personal Project",  who will be responsable of guarantee the high efficiency of results and consistency with tradition of  COFI. Once we have defined the solving, the customer will be able to see preview solution, thanks to 3D program, and follow the process up to the delivery.

Flair, research, originality of materials, high technology applied to fulfillment and care to detail: these are point that characterize the Tailor-Made program's.