The Managing Director Giancarlo Dughera has numerous work experiences. 

In the year 1977 he was taken into employment as the in charge of the Technical Dept. by the REMA Corp. in Genoa, a society producing and selling technical items intended for industry. He was specially addressed to manage the ship, transport and iron & steel industry. As technical manager he had supervised for 10 years either new installations or maintenance interventions both in Italy and abroad.

On January 1988 he founded the Company COFI (Consulting For Industry) giving rise to a technical-business consulting. 

In the year 1990 he turned COFI from consulting society into a Society for Construction and Industrial Supplies thus getting into the iron & steel industry, shipyards both merchant and navy and supplying them with tested and qualified items.

In the year 1992 he founded the Firm COFI a Firm intended to design and produce technical items for industry, which is growing and updating more and more and consisting of a staff concentrated on the satisfaction of the customer and specialized in solving technical problems related to application and lifetime of items within the range of its marketable goods,