Electric Insulants

Cofi s.r.l. can supply semi finished as well as finished, machined products, either by conventional machining, N/C machine, or by shearing.

Cofi s.r.l. also makes items according to customer’s drawing or designing itself a solution, according to the customer specific requirements, using a wide range of material having electrical and thermal insulating characteristics such as:

  • Bakelite laminated fabric – cotton – polyester - Kavlar® - charged graphite and MSO2 or PTFE
  • Bakelized paper
  • Bakelized wood
  • Reinforced epoxy fiber glass NEMA G10 and G11
  • Silicone fiber glass
  • Melamine fiber glass NEMA G5
  • Polyester fiber glass
  • GP03
  • Vulcanized fiber
  • Mica
  • Micanite
  • Composite thermo insulating items, based on cement as an alternative to asbestos

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