Plastic Material

Cofi s.r.l.. can supply semi finished and finished plastic items, either machined or molded according to drawing and using various materials.Furthermore, Cofi is a distributor of the Ensinger semi finished products. It works them out according to drawings furnished by customers, or by studying itself a solution depending on specific customer requirements.



The service carried on by Cofi, begins with advices about the use the item is intended for. Then Cofi/Ensinger technicians choose the suitable material as well as the appropriate working technique, to harmonizing with all requirements for this kind of item.

Closed tolerance guaranteed! In order to carry on a wide range of precision items, saws, planning machines and grinders are used. Below, a list can be seen, pointing out the most frequently supplied plastic material.

  • Conventional: polyamides, polyester and poliacetali, either semi finished or according to customer’s drawing.
  • Special: polyamide-imides, polyamides, polyscone, polyetherketones (PEEK), etc.

They can be either virgin or charged for extreme applications. For the customer can easily choose the plastic product fulfilling his requirements, always taking temperature into account, a list of plastic materials bound to temperature is enclosed.

In the following a catalogue index is enclosed, indicating all of the plastic materials that Cofi can supply together with the indication of the trade name and raw material it consists of.

For a summarizing of all other Cofi Products, please see the full products range and catalogues.