Cofi s.r.l. can produce seals and gaskets for industry, which can solve troublesome sealing problems where air, water, oil, steam and acids are conveyed.

Cofi skillfulness, which came mature after years of work, allows producing items of very high quality and reliability as well as to offer technical advice to face and solve any requirements.

Amongst the sealing items that Cofi has more frequently supplied, the following are to be pointed out:

  • Flat, obtained by cutting and made of asbestos free materials.
  • Flat, obtained by water cutting.
  • PTFE-coated rubber  (ELASTO-COFLEX seal).
  • Steel-metal/plastic provided with insulating core.
  • Spiro metal seals to assure tightness between high-pressure flanges.
  •  Rubber seals molded as per drawing using a wide range of materials, and suitable for single, specific requirements
  • Pneumatic rubber with inflatable profile
  • Suitable for ship doors and movable bulkheads
  • Of reinforced graphite for high temperature
  • Reinforced graphite-bushing-shaped seals, suitable for exhaust pipe of medium/large displacement motor vehicles
  • “V” shaped special (wire mesh graphite seal) suitable for connections that undergo both vibration and heat
  • Of conductive or electrically insulating rubber
  • Of high electric insulation polyester film
  • Of PTFE or PEEK for seats of high/very high performance valves
  • Of Ensinger plastic material; as per drawing
  • For Air and oleo dynamic systems
  • Delta fender for ships and trucks
  • Extruded according to the most different profiles, often especially computer- made and sized by imitating the use they are intended for.
  • Made of ecologically designed ceramic fibers suitable for high temperature.
  • Rotary seal for dip rollers.

Cofi's Technical Dep't required following basic information to be able to perform a right design.

For a summarizing of all other Cofi Products, please see the full product range and catalogues.